Save L.A. Community High School

They've run out of funding, leaving 35 aspiring students with nowhere to turn.

Community Problems

Kimi comments on the nature of the community’s internal problems. “[They] implode and take it out on themselves because they don’t know how to take it out on others.”

Law enforcement statistics shed light on the misconceptions surrounding gang-related crime: 5% of gang members do the majority of the violent and serious crime. That leaves 95% doing petty misdemeanor crimes – survival money.

Once you turn 9 in the projects, you’re grown and on your own. “It was fine for law enforcement and their constituency to just send [the troubled juveniles] to jail.”  The paradox exists where taxpayers end up paying for these alleged criminals in the long run.

Because of the “Hood dynamics”, even if you want to go to a different school, you can’t because you’re in a rival gang. The school you can go to is too far and you simply do not have the money. So, if you get kicked out, you’re out. Los Angeles Community High School provides these students with the comfort and tools needed to revive their academic career and pave the way to a prosperous future.


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