Save L.A. Community High School

They've run out of funding, leaving 35 aspiring students with nowhere to turn.

How You Can Help

As students at the University of Southern California, just minutes from Los Angeles Community High School, we often turn a blind eye to the constant struggle of our neighbors. It is time for this notion to change.

Please help us keep this school open by making any donation within your means. Even if you are unable to contribute financially, please spread the word and share our link with as many people as possible.

The bare minimum we will need to make it through 2012-2013 is as follows:

-$10,000 by Aug. 24, 2012 to prepare for Sept. 4 opening day
-additional $20,000 by Oct. 1, 2012
-additional $20,000 by Dec. 1, 2012
-additional $20,000 by March 1, 2013

Additional funding is desperately needed and greatly appreciated. We have attached a PDF that details the operating budget so you can see the direct effects of your donation. For more information, please visit our Indiegogo campaign and social media channels at the links below:

These students, and many generations to come, thank you for your life-altering contribution.


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