Save L.A. Community High School

They've run out of funding, leaving 35 aspiring students with nowhere to turn.

Measurable Impacts

Community Restoration Services has provided education and services to thousands of people in South Los Angeles. To date, their school has graduated 641 teens and adults with high school diplomas. An unprecedented 79% of its graduates once involved in the criminal justice system are now employed, in job training, or attending college. The school has gained media attention from KCAL 9, ABC News, local newspapers, and the L.A. Times. It has also received accolades from Youth and Family Services, Councilwoman Janice Hann, Assemblyman Isadore Hall, Supervisor Yvonne Burke, and the Los Angeles Office of Education.

A young man who recently graduated from LACHS called Kimi to discuss how he hadn’t gotten a summer job and didn’t have any money. He was dreading the thought of having to sell drugs because he was trying to get off probation. He didn’t want to revert to crime, but like many of his peers, he felt he had no other options. Kimi took Carlos to a worksource center, and in a week she got him a job at a nonprofit working with youth.


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